The Shackles: Throne of Infamy

Part 2: Sailing the Fever Sea
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Sandara volunteered to watch the tower at Rickety Squibs in Lyle Godwin's place, given that the local workers were hesitant and scared of the two people dead on two consecutive days. Sandara is to live there, provided there's room and care for her and Bathos, her apparent partner. 

Captain Henry Red Steel Goldberg challenged the people of Rickety Squibs to join his crew as women proved to be braver than men in that place. As a consequence  Tilly Brackett, halfling Ratline Sandberg, Barefoot Simms and Brahm Kaiser joined the crew along with Irving, who was about to be assigned to the watchtower by Mr. Hake

The newly christened Vendetta sailed West of the Slithering Coast with new objectives in mind such as Bloodcove or the legend of Tidewater Rock. In one undetermined point before dawn, some monsters suspected to be of the Sahuagin race captured two rookies from the crew: Kipper and Habbly Quarne. Neither Vivica nor Tally were able to see a thing, until it was too late. 

The crew spotted a small vessel from the Aspis Consortium and did their best to reach it and capture it, but the venture seemed to be harder than expected because the ship's pilot and crew were much tougher than they thought. 


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